Kids: No More Greasy Snacks or Candy in Schools!

IMG_0095By Dillan

Greasy food and candy in schools is a major problem because kids need to eat healthy food as well as healthy snacks.

When I interviewed some students at MS 57, some said that unhealthy snacks are not good for kids because they won’t have any energy if the keep eating these types of foods.

Some examples of unhealthy snacks include potato chips and even fruits snacks because they have a lot of added sugar. When you look at the labels on Doritos, for example, some of the ingredients include sugar, artificial color, salt, and vegetable oil. There are 140 calories and 8 grams of fat, or about 8% of the recommended daily fat intake for middle school students.

The list of ingredients in a bag of Lays potato chips also include vegetable oil, an artificial oil that has a negative impact on the body.  One serving has 160 calories and 10 grams of total fat.

When the News Literacy Project students, including myself, interviewed Rozanne Gold, chef and author of Eat FRESH Food: Awesome Recipes for Teen Chefs, one of the students, asked “What type of chips do you recommend us to eat?”

“I would recommend you eat fresh vegetable chips,” Gold said. “I think you love chips because they go ‘crunch,’ right? Because texture is a very important part of why we like a lot of foods and the reason why I’m suggesting fresh vegetable chips is that they go ‘crunch,’ too.”

Gold’s chips are homemade.

“If you take a carrot and you peel it and you roll it in a circle and you stick a toothpick in it and you put it in cold water over night and you take the toothpick out, it becomes like this curly cue,” said Gold, describing how she makes vegetable chips. “If you make a whole bucket of those, they taste better than potato chips, and you can put a little salt on them if you want. They’re so crisp and crunchy and this is a natural food product.”

Gold also recommends that instead of eating a whole bag of chips, just eat six.