MS 57 Students at Work

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Throughout the semester, MS 57 students worked hard reporting, writing and doing field work to gather audio, video and photos.


MS 57 Students Visit Bloomberg News


Students take notes during a tour of Bloomberg LP.


By Justin

A group of MS 57 students participating in the News Literacy Project’s after-school program took a field trip to Bloomberg News in midtown Manhattan on March 1. There, the students got to meet the journalists volunteering with the program, including many of the students’ mentors. Students snacked on bags of popcorn while watching a workshop on how to conduct an interview, led by the bureau chief Karen Toulon.

Students then got a tour of the building. They learned that the building has a spiral escalator — one of just eight in the world.

The group enjoyed themselves so much that a student from the program named Lizbeth Morales said “I want to come back.”

Luckily Lizbeth and the rest of the journalism group will get the opportunity to return on June 18 when they will present their journalism project to the journalist volunteers.