Healthy School Lunches Campaign Helps Kids Get Healthy

IMG_0079The Healthy School Lunches Campaign is a campaign that improves the food served to children in schools by educating government and school officials, food service workers, parents and others about food choices best able to promote children’s current and long-term health.

“Food served in schools should promote the health of all students,” according to the Physicians Committee of Responsible Medicine.

The Healthy School Lunches Campaign is affecting many schools around the U.S.A. It is helping hundreds of student lose weight and avoid diabetes. It helps people be healthy in schools.

The Healthy School Lunches Campaign says that menus are too high in cholesterol and saturated fat and low in fiber, nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. They encourage the health of the nation’s youth, and aim to reverse obesity, early onset diabetes, and hypertension by encouraging healthy food choices. They also encourage healthy, low-fat, cholesterol-free options.

The campaign works with school districts across the country including New York City schools, organizes meetings, and presentations, Parent Teacher Association meetings, and student groups. It can provide marketing materials, meal planning, recipe ideas, and other materials.

For more information, check out Health School Lunches Campaign.